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Modesto California is such a magical place. Not seriously, but there are tons of people that you can meet. It is truly incredible. I’m writing this article for anyone that is in the Modesto area and is wishing to meet someone that shares similar interests! When I first came to Modesto, I was not the most popular person around, nobody really knew who I was. I had come from a small city in which I knew everyone so it was super rough right off the bat. But after a while, I started to hang around some of the local parks and community center. The town of Modesto has so many different activities for people of all ages. The first step in finding and/or making friends is trying to figure out what your favorite hobbies are. After you know what you enjoy doing the most then the people you hang out with will follow. The community center is a great place to start. If you are interesting in stamp collecting for example, then watch closely for a stamp show to pop up. It really is amazing at how many different people there are in Modesto CA. I now have so many different friends because of the different things that I invested my time in. I would say the biggest rule is to make sure that you don’t force it.


Don’t try to be friends with people that are mean to you just because they share a hobby. Take some time and wait for the best ones to show up, it actually works! Modesto California is a great place to search for friends because it is filled with everything that is needed for this to work. There is a huge assortment of restaurants, parks, community centers, schools and other common hang out places. Finishing up my story, I have now been here for 2 years. I have met so many different people that I plan on sticking close with for the rest of my life. I waited for the best ones to stick around and it was the best decision I could have made.

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